LESS IS MAX simulates a vital journey for the player, where the only thing they have (or not) is time. A journey in which, on some occasions, one chooses or at other times, just as in real life, fate takes a hand providing experiences that either empower us or weigh us down. Players embark on a journey, not without surprises which they do not take alone, but instead accompanied by 7.5 billion people and many millions of other living beings with whom we share the planet.

The intention is not to judge using this game but rather leave it up to each player to find their own answers. The important thing is knowing our needs and the process by which we improve ourselves to get closer to becoming the best version of ourselves, not only as people but as a society. We hope that you have fun playing this game, that it makes you think about the ideas and maybe even give them a chance.


We have information within reach, but what we lack is understanding

LESS IS MAX is a FUN and AMAZING bidding game that will make you THINK.

If you dare to compete and cooperate, here is a suitcase ready for you to take flight, discover the world and yourself in the process. And remember, travel happy and travel light!