“A game like this should be in all homes, schools and offices where big decisions are made.  I recommend games to all those dedicated to the virtuous task of educating, learning and growing.  Thanks. “ Silvia, Madrid

“I liked it because it helps us understand our needs”, 14-year-old, Secondary student.

“It opens your eyes about things you had preconceived as good or bad”, nursing student, University of Cantabria (Spain).

“We have worked as a team, we have laughed, we have shared opinions.  It is very helpful for our personal lives.”, Secondary student, IES Vega de Toranzo, Cantabria (Spain).

“It is very funny and raises essential questions for understanding the world; while they have a good time, we help them to look for ways to improve it”, Secondary school teacher, IES José Hierro, Cantabria (Spain).

“It has a good design, it is easy to understand, is fast, entertaining and it makes you want to play more “, gamer, Trenti Association, Cantabria (Spain).

“It is very complete: training, values, cooperation, dialogue, reflection and fun. It allows us to come to our own reflections”, Secondary teacher, IES La Granja, Cantabria (Spain).

I had been waiting for some time for the release of “Less is Max”, when, finally, two months ago I was able to play it with Belén and Carmen, the main creators of this wonderful game. They work for the NGO, “A volar” (To fly), which is promoting the game. The experience of playing exceeded all my expectations.  After playing it, I can say that it is a breath-taking and ground-breaking tool for re-education in our society. This might be a provocative statement, but in this article, apart from showing the dynamics and philosophy of the game, I hope to justify such a prediction, in that it is:

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“An amazing and fascinating game for feeling, understanding and experiencing the economy in life and life in the economy.”